How To Get a 20% Return On Your Money

The standard of the stock market over the return on investment is typically around 10 percent, and yes, it may be possible to get a 20% return also in the stock market, but in that case, you would have to be an ‘expert’ in that field. Then how could you make a 20 percent return on your investment without being ‘extraordinary’?

Is it even possible? Definitely! 

Now the title of this blog may sound like we are talking about some quick scheme to get rich overnight. But actually, it’s not. You can get a guaranteed 20 percent ROI in accordance with the law. And the way to get 20% on ROI absolutely does not rely on some kind of investment product. It doesn’t include stock, mutual funds, bonds or any savings product that will promise you to give such a high return on your investment. Now the same question comes up again. “How” can we get a 20 percent return on our money? 

Here’s some ways to make the money double on your investment. So, continue reading! 

Getting credit card debt paid off:

Are you aware that you can have to pay an interest rate as high as 29.99% to the credit card company as they charge it this much interest rate? This acquisitive rate is simply directed to the loss of a significant return on your investment each month. You can actually get an investment's 20 percent returns every month by just prioritizing the elimination of debts to avoid this much high-interest rate. 

In this case, you are actually paying yourself rather than paying out a lot of money in interest each month. Most individuals are unaware that preventing a negative return on investment actually results in a positive return on investment. 

Timely payment of bills: 

Have you heard that "punctuality is the soul of any profession you belong to"? Being on time or doing everything on time is very important. Similarly, getting rid of bills on time becomes crucial when it comes to returning on investment. It not only helps you in your credit rating but also in cost-cutting. Although, there is one more benefit to it. Timely paying bills helps you in generating productive cash flow and refrain from accruing further debt. 

Let's take an example; suppose you are paying a bill late for your cell phone or cable every month. And the bill for these two may be around $50-60, but if you are not paying a bill on time, then you may have to pay $5 as a late fee. Yes, $5 may not seem like a big amount, but that would be 10% of your charge each month. That's quite a big percentage. Now think how much money you are letting go of like water. So it's better to be punctual! You'll profit financially greatly if you are organized, diligent, and smart. 

Refinancing an auto loan with a high interest rate:

There are some worst automobile loans that are signed a lot on small sides. In this case, individuals will have to pay an excessive interest rate for just owning the automobile as there are many people who don't have the idea of proper negotiation of a car loan. 

These sellers frequently set starting prices at 15% and above for people who are seeking to own a car below a suitable credit rating. But lucky you! Just because you have taken a car loan with sky-high interest rates does not lead to being stuck in this loan. There are varieties of resources by which you can cut down your loan to 22% to the zero-one stratosphere.


Don’t forget the fact that the money you save by neglecting the financial decisions that are negative can ultimately have the same impact on your bank account as getting a high return on your investment. Reducing debt with a high-interest rate is equivalent to receiving an extraordinary return on a stock, bond, or mutual fund.

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Happy Investing! 

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