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Sole Source LLC is a private based Georgia Limited Liability Corporation that specializes in Business Consulting and Investment strategies. Our business consultant services range from corporation establishment, business credit update, and strategic planning. For our investors, we are fortunate to have a multitude of resources available when looking to provide you with the best Return on Investments for your liquid assets. The BEST IN THE GAME for 10+ years and counting. #20%ROI

Meet the CEO

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As the President, & CEO of Sole Source, LLC, I’m very eager to assist you in handling all of your Business needs. Wehave a huge array of services that we offer and a dedicated staff that is committed to providing excellent qualityservice from beginning to end. Our goal here is to ensure that every customer is a happy customer. If you’re in need offurther assistance, please reach out to our offi ce on the Contact Us tab or feel free to email me direct at [email protected].


President, & CEO of Sole Source, LLC

My Clients Say

Jacqueline Moye

If you are looking to invest with a top tier company and get guaranteed ROI, then look no further! Stan and his team are consummate professionals and I highly recommend them.

Fred BB

Sole Source LLC has proved to be one of the greatest Companies I have worked with. The quality of work is outstanding!

R Wesley Thrower

This is by far my best and most consistent investment. With the ever changing markets and plethora of different strategies, this is a no brainer. I recommend Sole Source to all serious investors.

Rebecca Almaoui

This company is amazing just what I was looking for! Informative professionals reside here!

Donny Bee

Very informative and knowledgeable. A great reference to have.

CJ Lee

Very professional organizational that provides guaranteed results!